General Guide to Company Incorporation in Nebraska

Updated on Monday 26th February 2018

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Nebraska is known as the Cornhusker state and it is the 16th largest state in USA, representing in many cases a proper and respected business destination for local and foreign investors. Besides agriculture, IT and telecommunications are significant sectors which sustain the economy of the state of Nebraska. We invite you to explore our general guide to company incorporation in Nebraska and see the main requirements for starting a business in USA. For comprehensive support and information in this matter, our company formation agents in USA are at your disposal at any time.

Opening an LLC in Nebraska

Limited liability companies, partnerships, and sole proprietorships are among popular business entities which can be easily incorporated in Nebraska. With an easy formation process and fewer formalities, an LLC in Nebraska may represent the proper start for young entrepreneurs in USA. The incorporation procedure begins with the Secretary of the State of Nebraska and particularly with the business division where a name verification is made in the first place. The following information must be comprised by the Articles of Association of an LLC in Nebraska:

•    the name of the company;
•    details about the shareholders;
•    the business address;
•    the activities of the business;
•    the name of the registered agent for your company in Nebraska.

Each LLC in Nebraska must have a registered agent with residency in this state. Among the requirements in this matter, it is good to know that, besides a natural person with legal powers to represent your business in Nebraska, a company may be in charge of your business in this state. We also mention that if you want to open a company in USA and especially in Nebraska, you can rely on the support offered by our advisors who can act on behalf of your company.

Apply for EIN in Nebraska

Paying taxes as a company in Nebraska starts with the application for the Employer Identification Number or the EIN which is issued by the local IRS (Internal Revenue Service). This is the federal tax number linked to any company with activities in Nebraska, in order to comply with the tax requirements in this state.

Taxes in Nebraska

5.5% represents the sales tax in Nebraska, but other local taxes with rates between 0.5% and 2% might be applicable at a local level. One should observe the income taxes imposed on different types of profits registered in Nebraska which range between 3.51% and 6.84%. Also, the property tax varies from city to city, but the average rate is 1.89%.

Open a bank account in Nebraska

Starting a company in Nebraska involves varied conditions, among which opening a bank account and separate the personal assets from the company’s revenues. A foreign entrepreneur can easily set up a bank account by providing the documents of the firm, including the EIN number. Please bear in mind that the bank may impose certain fees linked to the bank account opening.

Hire accountants for your business in Nebraska

Among the important departments in a firm, the accounting division is mandatory when registering a company in USA, including in Nebraska. The accountants will analyze the financial status of your business and take care of matters like bookkeeping, payroll, tax minimization and many others. 

Create a website for your company in Nebraska

Numerous businesses in USA have recognized the importance of developing the operations on the internet to attract more clients. Even though you are at the beginning of company formation in USA and particularly in Nebraska, it is recommended to create a website for your company and present in the most appealing way the products and services you want to place on the American market. It is good to know that such website can help your company grow outside borders of USA.

Nebraska economy facts

Agriculture represents the main engine of the overall economy in Nebraska and the state is recognized for the large production of corn, sorghum, and soybeans. The beef production is also representative of the state of Nebraska due to large demands on the local market, but not limited to this. Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska and a reputable business center. Omaha, Grand Island, Norfolk, North Platte, and Kearney are representative and well-developed cities in Nebraska with solid infrastructure, transportation and a high focus on sectors like insurance and IT.

We invite foreign investors to benefit from the advantages of setting up a business in Nebraska (LLCs, sole proprietorships, associations, corporations) and ask for support at the registration of a company in USA. Please feel free to contact our team of company incorporation specialists in USA for further details.