Open an LLC in Delaware

Updated on Wednesday 02nd June 2021

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Creating a Delaware LLC is a straightforward process that can be entirely overseen by one of our USA company formation specialists. International entrepreneurs who want to know more about Delaware LLC formation are invited to discuss with our specialists and discover all the formalities implicated in the process. Our team can manage the formalities implicated in the registration process of a business in USA, including in Delaware, one of the most appreciated American states from a business point of view.

How do I register a Delaware LLC in 2021?

Delaware is a great business destination for both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs because the advantages in this area are quite appealing, not to mention highly appreciated. Opening a Delaware LLC in 2021 is not a complex process if you respect a few essential steps, among which, the following:
  • Choosing the business name for your Delaware LLC – a verification for your business name must be made with the Delaware Secretary of State, the Division of Corporations. Once accepted, the name must comprise LLC, L.L.C. as abbreviations, or Limited Liability Company. A fee of approximately USD 75 is required for a name reservation when forming an LLC in Delaware.
  • Creating a Delaware LLC requires a registered agent who is normally appointed by the owners of the future company. Another business entity can be appointed, if the company owners would like so, as long as it has authority to do business in Delaware. A physical street address in Delaware is required.
  • The Certificate of Formation stands at the base of forming an LLC in Delaware. This is an important document with information about the owners, the registered agents, the name of the business, and the signature of an authorized person.
  • The Operating Agreement is another document that must be considered for forming an LLC in Delaware. This kind of document is not imposed, yet it is recommended for this kind of business because it contains complete information about the forming members, rights and responsibilities in the firm, voting rights, etc.
  • The EIN or the Employer Identification number shows that your Delaware LLC is registered from a tax point of view. Such an important code is issued by IRS (Internal Revenue Service), so make sure you respect the conditions for filing an LLC in Delaware.
These are 5 of the main steps for creating a Delaware LLC, helped by one of our company formation specialists in the USA with experience in this field. The entire process is relatively straightforward, however, foreign entrepreneurs need guidance and assistance for opening a Delaware LLC in 2021, as the business conditions must be understood and respected.

A business license in Delaware

Delaware LLC formation requires a business license which is normally issued by the Delaware Division of Revenue. There is a specific form required by the authorities for business licenses in Delaware. Plus, one must obtain municipal licenses or local approvals, to start the activities in Delaware and especially in the chosen city. Utility permits, contractor licensing, building permits, plumber licensing might enter your attention, so all the formalities for forming an LLC in Delaware can be discussed with our company formation representatives in USA.

How much does it cost to open a Delaware LLC?

There are specific fees for filling a Delaware LLC. About USD 75 is required for business name reservation, while the Certificate of Formation costs around USD 90. Some other costs might add for the complete registration of your company in Delaware, but for more details on this topic, you can talk to our USA company formation agents. We are here to explain to you the formalities for business formation in USA in 2021.

Making investments in USA

If you choose USA for business and profits then you will make the right decision for your future developments. With a productive and experienced workforce, a wide range of business possibilities in all industries, highly developed transportation and infrastructure, and a business climate that promotes innovation, the USA is definitely the best business destination in the world. Manufacturing, financial and insurance, wholesale trade, and banking are the main sectors that absorb the FDIs received in USA. The following facts and figures show why starting a business in USA is highly advantageous:
  • The quality of doing business ranked USA 6th out of 190 economies in the world, according to the 2020 Doing Business report.
  • More than USD 9,465 billion represented the total FDI stock in 2019 for USA.
  • Even the greenfield investments were quite appealing from a business point of view, with a total value of nearly USD 101 billion in 2019.
  • Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, France, and Ireland are the main investors and business partners of USA.
  • USA is the largest international financial center and the world’s leading economic force.
Interested in filing a Delaware LLC in 2021? You are invited to contact our company formation agents in USA and find out more about opening a Delaware LLC.