Set up a Company in Delaware

Updated on Monday 13th November 2017

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A preferred business entity in Delaware, USA, is the limited liability company which is regulated by the Delaware General Corporation Law. From the beginning, we mention that an LLC in Delaware can be set up by at least one shareholder considering that there are differences between an LLC and a sole proprietorship in the state. In compliance with the conditions imposed for such business form, we suggest you address your request to our company formation specialists in USA.

Main requirements of opening a company in Delaware

Investors who want to start a business in the USA can direct their attention to an LLC in Delaware, a suitable business form which can be easily incorporated. We mention from the beginning that limited liability companies in Delaware must appoint a registered agent who will represent the business in legal aspects and documents. The following requirements must be taken into consideration when registering a company in Delaware:

•    there is no need of a minimum share capital;
•    at least one member can set up the LLC in Delaware;
•    there is no need for documents if you open the company from abroad;
•    you must make a name reservation with the Delaware Division of Corporation;
•    your business in Delaware may also act as its own registered agent if a physical one is not appointed;
•    there is no need for a Social Security Number, but the EIN which is the company tax ID;
•    one should open a bank account for the future financial transactions of the company, but not necessarily in Delaware.

If you want to set up a company in USA, it is recommended to ask for support and assistance. Our specialists in company formation in USA may assist foreigners to register a company in Delaware, whether from abroad or on a local plan.

The benefits of registering a company in Delaware

Entrepreneurs can benefit from the easy methods of registering their businesses in the state of Delaware. Furthermore, there are numerous benefits when starting a business in USA, such as no need for filing the annual report, but only paying the annual tax of about $300. We mention that, when opening a company in Delaware, there will be no sale tax imposed. A Delaware company can have one person who can be the owner, the director, and the registered agent. As for the inheritance tax applied for shares in case of death, this is not an obligatory tax for the shareholders who do not live in Delaware.

Please consider that complete information about how to set up a company in Delaware can be obtained on request from our team of experts in company incorporation in Delaware if you contact us. The same team can offer support when registering any company in the state.