General Guide to Company Incorporation in Delaware

Updated on Monday 13th November 2017

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Delaware is the preferred American state for company incorporation because of the numerous benefits the foreign investors have. The easy process of registration and all kinds of tax benefits make foreigners choose Delaware for doing business, whether conducted on a local plan or from abroad. Persons who want to start a business in USA may address to our specialists in company formation in USA. We also invite you to take a look at our general guide for company incorporation in Delaware, where we present you the main aspects related to a business in this state.

1. The minimum share capital of an LLC in Delaware

Limited liability companies are the preferred business entities in Delaware for entrepreneurs in America, whether as local business persons or from overseas. One of the main benefits of such form of business is that there is no need for a minimum share capital deposited when registering a company.

2. Conditions for establishing a company in Delaware

Persons who want to open a company in USA can choose to set up an LLC with the Division of Corporations which issues the certificate of incorporation. Additionally, we mention that an LLC can be established by at least one shareholder, just like in the case of a sole proprietorship. It is though recommended to have at least two shareholders when setting up an LLC in Delaware. Also, please consider that your company in Delaware must have an appointed registered agent who can be the company itself or a partner of the business.

3. No VAT for companies in Delaware

One of the main and appreciated benefits which come with opening a business in USA is that particularly in Delaware there is no VAT imposed, therefore, you can set up the company without having to register for such tax, as most companies in the world do.

4. Opening a bank account for your company in Delaware

Companies can open bank accounts in Delaware, but it is not mandatory if it regards a foreign branch with a settled bank account in the home country. But if you would like to open a bank account in Delaware, you must prepare copies of the company’s documents, like the memorandum of association, the certificate of incorporation and also the certificate of good standing. Banks in Delaware may also solicit other types of documents, certified or legalized.

5. Hiring staff for your company in Delaware

As a foreigner who wants to establish a firm in Delaware, our company formation agents in USA suggest you ask for the services of a recruitment company in the state. These can provide the necessary workforce for your business, in accordance with your requests, and furthermore, your human resources department can make the research accordingly.

6. Salaries in companies in Delaware

Once you have registered your business in Delaware, you should consider the requirements regarding the minimum wage established by the law in the state. As it is known, each position in the company is subject to a different kind of salary. You should also consider that the average salary in Delaware is $52,000 per year, but it may vary.

7. Opening a website for your company in Delaware

Foreigners with companies registered in Delaware must consider linking their activities to a website. Even if a website already exists, one must consider translate it into the English language if this option is not available, and moreover, it is suggested to update the company’s services and activities, including the ones offered on the American territory.

8. A virtual office for your business in Delaware

Entrepreneurs who do not want to rent or buy an office for their company in Delaware have the possibility of obtaining the services of a virtual office in Delaware. We also mention that our consultants can provide such services on request.

9. Income tax for companies in Delaware

Another advantage when setting up a business in Delaware is that there is no income tax if the company does not perform activities in that state.

10. Why open a company in Delaware

Delaware is known as a corporate haven, alongside with Wyoming and Nevada. The General Law Corporation of Delaware is advantageous and flexible for companies registered here. Additionally, one of the reasons why you should open your business here is that the main office can be anywhere in the world, as the shareholders are not obliged to run the business in the state.

For a better understanding of the USA company formation and particularly in Delaware, please get in touch with our team of experts in company incorporation in USA


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