General Guide to Company Incorporation in Louisiana

Updated on Tuesday 23rd January 2018

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Among the most populous states of America, Louisiana is placed on the 25th position. The Pelican State, as it is recognized, has important exits to the Gulf of Mexico and connections to South America and offshore destinations like the Bahamas or the Cayman Islands. The beautiful landscapes and attractive deltas created by the Mississippi River make Louisiana a state with full touristic potential which offers varied business opportunities. We have prepared a general guide to company incorporation in Louisiana in order for you to understand the main steps to follow for business registration in this state. More information in this direction can be offered by our team of specialists in company incorporation in USA.

Opening a limited liability company in Louisiana

The regular legal entities through which a business person can set up the operations are the limited liability companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships, or corporations. Because it has a fast registration with the Business Division of the Louisiana Secretary of State, the limited liability company or the LLC represents the most suitable and convenient form of business in this state. The incorporation procedure starts with a name verification, and continues with drafting the Articles of Association that must offer information like:

•    the name of the owners;
•    the business address;
•    the name of the registered agents;
•    the board of managers;
•    the activities.

Usually, an LLC in Louisiana can be settled once an operating agreement is accepted and signed. This represents a legal document which sets out details about the ownership, the operating procedures and the liabilities of each member.

The Employer Identification Number for companies in Louisiana

To legally operate on the American territory, companies in Louisiana must apply for the EIN which is the Employer Identification Number necessary for tax purposes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is in charge with tax matters for all kind of business entities, and the authority which issues such number. In other words, the EIN represents the social security number of the business.

Starting a company in USA is subject to particular conditions, among which the EIN is mandatory. Information in this sense can be obtained from our company formation agents in USA.

Taxes in Louisiana

The income taxes in Louisiana vary in accordance with the registered profit and range between 2% and 6%. The sales tax is set at 4% and it is split into two parts:

•    3.97% as the sales tax for Louisiana;
•    0.03% representing the Tourism Promotion District Sales Tax in Louisiana. 

One should also consider the local taxes imposed in each city of Louisiana for any type of company.

Accounting services in Louisiana

Companies in Louisiana which issue invoices and register financial transactions must hire an accounting firm to deal with these matters. Bookkeeping, payroll, tax advice, financial planning, auditing and business consultancy are only a few of the services offered by such firm. Opening a business in USA as a foreign entrepreneur is subject to a fast and reliable incorporation in any kind of state, including Louisiana.

Licenses and permits in Louisiana

According to the type of activity you wish to develop in Louisiana, particular licenses and permits must be obtained from the Louisiana Secretary of State, the Licensing Division. Accountants, architects, dentists, contractors, engineers, therapists, pharmacists or real estate brokers must apply for a license before establishing the activities in Louisiana.

Economy of Louisiana

The state of Louisiana has a diversified economy, but the main engine is represented by the agriculture sector which generates generous profits. The tourism sector is also well-developed so are the manufacturing, the mining, the real estate and the services sectors in Louisiana. Baton Rouge is the state’s capital and a prolific financial center in USA. New Orleans, Shreveport, Lafayette, Alexandria, Convington or Slidell are among important cities which can be seen as proper destinations for business operations.

Entrepreneurs who want to enter the American market through a company in Louisiana are invited to contact our team of company incorporation representatives in USA.



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