Create an Offshore Company in Delaware

Updated on Wednesday 20th May 2020

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Investors from abroad interested in a favorable business hub in America may focus their attention on Delaware, the state considered an offshore center with a great taxation system. Even though there are no specific rules when opening an offshore company in Delaware, one should consider and respect the Common Law. An offshore company in Delaware can be set up through a limited liability company, an advantageous business form for both residents and non-residents in the USA. With a wide experience in company incorporation services for entrepreneurs worldwide, our agents specialized in company formation in America can offer complete support and guidance in documents matters.

Main conditions for setting up an offshore in Delaware

An individual who wants to start a business in USA may create an offshore company that comes with varied tax benefits. For instance, there are no VAT, personal income taxes, or other levies for non-residents working in such a company. For registering an LLC in Delaware, please consider the following requirements:
  •     it can be set up by at least one shareholder;
  •     the accepted name of the business must end with the termination LLC or Limited Liability Company;
  •     you must prepare the Articles of Association;
  •     you must appoint a registered agent for your LLC in Delaware;
  •     the LLC must have a bank account.

Offshores in Delaware are not subject to public disclosure, as these can be set up in complete privacy for the owner. Furthermore, LLCs in Delaware won’t need annual reports compared to other forms of businesses in America. Opening a company in USA, whether a corporation or an LLC, requires attention and a better understanding of the legislation of each state, in our case, of Delaware, which is permissible for foreign entrepreneurs. The USA company formation can be explained and supervised by our team of specialists in company incorporation in America. Here is an infographic with information about offshore companies in Delaware:


The advantages of an offshore in Delaware

Being a state with permissible legislation for both local and foreign entrepreneurs, Delaware is preferred for starting a business by creating an offshore. We mention that there are numerous advantages to have in mind when deciding to set up an offshore in Delaware, and below are the most important ones: 
  •     an offshore in Delaware can be 100% foreign-owned;
  •     the general meeting of the owners can be organized anywhere, not only in the state;
  •     there is no maximum number of shareholders allowed for creating an offshore;
  •     there is no need for a minimum share capital;
  •     there are small registration costs for LLCs in Delaware;
  •     the assets of the owners are protected in case of company liquidation or bankruptcy;
  •     the identity of the owners is protected;
  •     the offshore company in Delaware is ready in two working days.

If you have decided on opening an offshore company in Delaware or if you want to set up a company in USA, we suggest you get in touch with our specialists in company incorporation in America.