Taxation in Louisiana

Updated on Tuesday 28th August 2018

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In Louisiana, the taxation on businesses is subject to a corporate tax and also a franchise tax. A series of marginal tax rates apply, depending on the net income registered by a company in Louisiana. Knowing the tax regime in this American state will help foreigners decide on the proper structure for their businesses. We invite you to ask for information about how to open a company in Louisiana and about the tax regime from our team of company incorporation agents in USA.

What is the sales tax rate in Louisiana?

The standard sales tax in Louisiana is set at 4% rate from which a rate of 0.03% represents the Louisiana Tourism Promotion District sales tax. In addition to the standard sales tax in Louisiana, municipalities can collect their own sales tax. It is good to know that a use tax rate of 8% is applicable to all products brought outside Louisiana.

What is the corporate tax rate in Louisiana?

The corporate tax for companies in Louisiana is subject to a series of tax rates depending on the registered incomes, as follows in the table:
Taxable Income Tax Rate
For the first $25,000 4%
Next $25,000 5%
Next $50,000 6%
Next $100,000 7%
Over $200,000 8%

The taxes on personal incomes in Louisiana

A set of three brackets is applicable to single taxpayers in Louisiana, as seen in this table:
Taxable Income Tax rate
Between 0$ and $12,500 2%
Between $12,501 and $50,000 4%
Between $50,001 and more 6%

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Is there an inheritance tax in Louisiana?

No, the inheritance tax in Louisiana has been revoked in 2010. On the other hand, taxes and penalties can be imposed for individuals who haven’t paid the inheritance tax before 2010. The Louisiana Department of Revenue offers the possibility of filing for taxes on the official website. However, you can address your inquiries to our team of advisors if you would like to know more about the tax structure in Louisiana.

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