General Guide to Company Incorporation in Alabama

Updated on Tuesday 07th January 2020

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With varied tax benefits, contributions, duties and rights matters linked to company incorporation process, Alabama is a preferred state for doing business. The registration procedure is simple and with less bureaucracy, no matter if it involves a company controlled from overseas or from one of the cities in Alabama. Individuals who want to start a business in America can make a request to our specialists in company formation in USA. Before that, we also invite you to read the general guide to company incorporation in Alabama which presents the main information about how you can activate in this state.

The minimum share capital for an LLC in Alabama

A limited liability company in Alabama is the most popular business entity in the state and can be registered without having to consider a minimum share capital. The incorporation process of an LLC starts with the Alabama Secretary of State Business Services, but you can also register another type of business with the same authority, except sole proprietorships.

Requirements for setting a company in Alabama

The Articles of Association for your company in Alabama must provide details about the owners and the managers of the business, including information about their rights, duties, powers and so on, but not being obliged to mention the names of the members. Please consider that a registered agent needs to be appointed when registering the LLC in Alabama.

Sales tax for companies in Alabama

If your company’s purpose is to sell particular goods and services, a sales tax is applicable and payable to the Department of Revenue in Alabama. The sales tax is presently set at 4%, but with a maximum of 11% rate for certain cases. Entrepreneurs who sell taxable products and services are entitled to collect such fee from buyers, together with the settled price, and then send it to the tax authority mentioned above, in compliance with the rules and regulations established in this matter.

Opening a bank account for your company in Alabama

When establishing a business in Alabama, the owners must also set up a bank account that can be easily done if the requirements regarding the documents are fulfilled. The condition to open a corporate bank account in Alabama is not imposed on foreign companies that intend to set up branches in Alabama.

Employees for a company in Alabama

When looking for staff for your enterprise in Alabama, you should reflect on how recruitment companies can help. These have an extended database with potential candidates which can be presented for your company in accordance with the positions available and also your requirements. In this matter, the human resources department can offer support, whether you want to hire locals or persons from abroad. Our company formation consultants in USA can give additional information about the workforce in Alabama and the conditions related.

Salaries for employees in Alabama

If you want to start a business in USA, you might want to check some information regarding the minimum wage in the chosen state. In Alabama, the minimum wage is set at $290 per week which represents approximately $15,000 per year without calculating the taxes involved. Salaries in a company in Alabama will vary depending on the skilled workforce and the terms settled for each type of contract.

A website for your business in Alabama

Each business whether registered by a local entrepreneur or from abroad should consider opening a website in order to promote its activities. This is the most popular way of displaying the products, the activities or the services of a company. 

Virtual office for your company in Alabama

If you have decided it is not the time to open a traditional office in Alabama, but still wanting to get known on the American territory, you may choose the services of a virtual office in Alabama. These include a notable business address, a local phone number, and complete communication technology in order to serve potential collaborators and clients in Alabama. Please consider that our team can also offer virtual services on demand.

Taxes for companies in Alabama

Besides the sales tax in Alabama, companies established in this state are subject to an income tax of 6.5%. Also, a privilege business tax is imposed on companies and partnerships in the state. The rate will depend on how much taxable revenue the business has. In addition to information about the USA  company formation, one should request details about the taxation system in Alabama from our advisors.

Accounting services for your company in Alabama

As soon as you registered the business in Alabama, it is impetuous to direct your attention to the accounting matters. All the financial operations in the firm must be recorded with the help of accounting specialists who can provide such services for your company. Bookkeeping, payroll, tax compliance, and tax preparation are only a few of the important accounting matters related to a company in Alabama. This way, you can track and control the incomes and the expenses in the firm and you can be aware of every deduction you are entitled of. With a proper accounting department that keeps the track of your incomes, you can decide and set goals in your company, in order to properly make future investments and grow your business. A correct accounting data and a proper analysis of the financial reports in the firm often stand at the base of smart business decisions. Moreover, keeping a precise business overheads account will be important for preserving the company’s limited liability status. Let us mention you that our team of consultants are at your disposal if you are interested in accounting services in Alabama.

Licenses and permits in Alabama

The federal license or permit is necessary for companies with activities in agriculture, mining, and drilling, aviation, firearms or explosives, transportation and logistics, fishery, maritime transportation, radio, TV, and broadcasting. Lawyers, electricians, and doctors who would like to practice in Alabama will have to pass a state examination before they open their companies. Besides the federal licenses, a local license or permit is mandatory in Alabama. For instance, if you want to open a restaurant you will have to apply for a liquor and food license. You can receive assistance in matters of licenses and permits as soon as you decide for business in Alabama.

The business insurance in Alabama

Managing the risks in a company can be done with the help of business insurance that allows you to concentrate on your firm and investments. It is recommended that all small companies in Alabama seek support in matters of business insurance. It is good to know that according to the legislation in Alabama, companies with more than 5 employees (including LLC members) are obliged to sign and provide the workers' compensation insurance. As for the general liability insurance, this is a wide-ranging insurance policy that protects the company from all sorts of risks. Such insurance covers property damage, bodily injuries, medical payments, legal defense and judgment, advertising liabilities injuries, copyright infringements, false arrest, or wrongful eviction. However, there are cases in which your business cannot be protected by general liability insurance in situations like intentional acts, storm damages to commercial properties, fire risks. On the other hand, there are several benefits that come with general insurance in Alabama. An example in this sense is that your business is secured and presents trustworthiness in front or customers. Employees are also protected by such insurance. As for the average costs of an insurance policy in Alabama, this is set between $300 and $1,000/year but the price might be higher under certain circumstances like location, the risk exposure and if it is deductible. The general liability insurance is not imposed for each business, however, investors with real estate properties Alabama should solicit complete information about the insurance policies they can sign for their companies in this state. It is good to know that if your insurance company does not offer the maximum limits your business needs, you can direct your attention to a commercial umbrella policy.

Defining the brand in Alabama

A necessary marketing plan and strategies will determine the direction of your business in Alabama and will develop the company in a serious and wanted brand on the market. It is extremely important to set up from the beginning the type of customers you would like to serve and start the brand development in the chosen state for business. In a friendlier approach, the brand foundation will commerce with the purpose, the style and the beliefs of the business owner in Alabama, and continues with visuals, smart words, and actions as part of the brand experience. As soon as you determine your business needs and position on the competitive market in USA, it is extremely important to concentrate on defining the brand.

The advantages of opening a business in Alabama

A company in Alabama is easy to register considering the minimum period of waiting and the bureaucracy which is lesser compared to other countries worldwide. According to the Alabama LLC Act, the owners can create categories of membership for which there are established the powers and rights of each member. We also mention that an LLC in Alabama can activate for an unlimited period of time. More than 15,000 companies are registered each year in Alabama, considering that LLCs are reliable, flexible and protected forms of businesses.

For additional information about the company incorporation in Alabama, please do not hesitate to contact our company formation representatives in USA.