Establish an LLC in USA

Updated on Monday 16th April 2018

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USA sustains the foreign investments and encourages the thriving business sectors through a wide range of incentives and benefits. If you would like to activate on the American market, you can easily set up a limited liability company in USA. The incorporation process of an LLC in USA starts with the requirements imposed by the Business Division and the Secretary of State in the chosen city. Our company formation consultants in USA are at your disposal with in-depth assistance and details at the time you wish to start a business in USA.

Main conditions of an LLC in USA

Limited liability companies in USA are important business entities which offer an adaptable tax structure mixed with the liability protection of the business newly incorporated. The Articles of Association are the main documents of an LLC in USA. These contain complete information about the owners of the company, the activities of the firm, the board of managers, the name of the registered agent with residency in the chosen state for business. It is good to know that the owners of an LLC in USA can also be the directors of the company. When opening a company in USA and particularly a limited liability company, it is recommended to bear in mind the following conditions:
create an operating agreement for internal reasons in a company;
apply for EIN (Employer Identification Number) for tax matters;
open a bank account;
hire an accounting firm to observe the financial activities in the company.
If you want to open a company in USA, we remind that you can talk to our specialists in company formation in USA who can offer the needed support in this direction, regardless of the chosen state for business.

Why you should open an LLC in USA

Having an easy incorporation and mixing the attributes of a partnership in USA, LLC is the most popular business form in any American state. It is good to know that foreigners can set up companies in USA without having to travel from the home country for business activities, as the registered agent can take care of varied tasks. More than that, there is no need for the annual meeting of the stockholders. If your LLC is formed by a single member, then the business will be seen and taxed as sole traders in USA.
If you would like to know more details about LLC in USA, please feel free to contact our team of company incorporation agents in USA.