Taxation in Missouri

Updated on Wednesday 26th September 2018

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If you have decided for a business in Missouri, USA, it is recommended to ask for information about the tax structure in this state, in order to find out the taxes you need to pay for the generated income. In addition to the support offered for company formation, our team of advisors is at your disposal with information about the taxes for each type of structure available for registration in Missouri. You can also talk to one of our specialists in company incorporation in USA and find out how you can start a business in USA.

What is the sales tax rate in Missouri?

The standard sales tax in Missouri is set at a rate of 4,2% for most of the products and services in this state. One must know that municipalities in Missouri can impose their own sales tax or local fees.

What is the corporate tax rate in Missouri?

Corporations in Missouri are levied with a flax corporate income tax of 6.25%. Whether you have a C or an S corporation, the tax rate of 6.25% is applicable to both types of entities.

Is there a franchise tax in Missouri?

No, there is no franchise tax for corporations in Missouri, however, companies must respect the applicable tax legislation that prescribes the corporate income tax. It is good to know that the limited liability companies which are considered pass-through entities are subject to the taxation on the personal income of each member of the company.

Foreigners looking to open a company in USA and particularly in Missouri should observe and read our general guide to company incorporation in Missouri. Also, our team of company incorporation specialists in USA is at your disposal with complete assistance and information for business formation.

Short facts about the taxes in Missouri

As an investor from abroad, it is important to know the business climate, plus information about the tax regime in Missouri, therefore, here are some important facts:
  • the personal income tax in Missouri ranges from 1.5% to 6%;
  • single-member LLCs and partnerships in Missouri are taxed in the same way as the LLCs;
  • the sales tax for Missouri municipalities ranges from 1% to 3.125%;
  • there is no sales tax for specific items during the holidays in Missouri.

Please feel free to contact our team of company incorporation agents in USA and find out complete information about the taxes for companies in Missouri or in any state you wish to do business.