Taxation in Idaho

Updated on Monday 30th July 2018

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Running a business in Idaho means taking advantage of a generous business climate and a stable economy, plus support for small and medium entrepreneurs. If you have decided on opening a company in Idaho, it is suggested to have a clear idea about the taxation structure which applies for each business form. Our company incorporation agents in USA can handle the registration procedure of your business and can offer essential information about the taxes you have to pay for your firm.

What is the corporate income tax in Idaho?

The corporate tax rate in Idaho is set at 7.4% and is applicable to limited liability companies and S corporations. In the case of LLCs in Idaho, the corporate income tax is payable as federal and state taxes on the income distributed for each LLC member.

What is the sales tax in Idaho?

The general sales tax in Idaho is set at 6% rate and it is imposed for products and services placed on the market for sale purposes. Here are a few details about the sales tax in Idaho:
  • several cities in Idaho can impose their own sales tax besides the standard one;
  • properties for rent or lease are subject to the sales tax of 6%;
  • if the sales tax is not paid for the purchase of goods, a use tax of 6% is imposed;
  • several products are not subject to a sales tax - prescription drugs, for example.
Knowing the tax regime in Idaho will help entrepreneurs decide on the business entity suitable for their activities. You may talk to our company formation specialists in USA for extra details in this sense. Also, a general guide to company incorporation in Idaho is at your disposal if you are interested in opening a firm in this state.

Taxes for partnerships in Idaho

Partnerships in Idaho must pay the federal and state taxes on the incomes distributed on each individual. We mention that the tax rate for each member of the partnership will depend on the overall taxable income in the taxable year. If you are interested in establishing a partnership in USA or if you want to open a company in USA, including in Idaho, you may talk to our advisors and ask for support.

Other tax facts for Idaho

The property tax in Idaho is imposed for farms, warehouses, offices, homes, property rentals for business purposes, office furniture, and equipment. It is good to know that there is no inheritance tax in Idaho. Domestic and foreign entrepreneurs have the possibility of paying the taxes on the official website of the Idaho Tax Commission. 
For extra details about the taxation in Idaho, please feel free to contact our team of company formation consultants in USA. They can also help you start a business in USA in any state.