Taxation in Alaska

Updated on Thursday 21st June 2018

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Investors from overseas can benefit from the appealing business environment in Alaska, USA, and register all kinds of companies in compliance with the local rules and regulations. The tax regime needs to be properly understood when deciding on starting a business in Alaska. Our company formation agents in USA are at your disposal with assistance and information about the taxation system for your company and can also help with the registration procedure of a firm in this American state.

What is the sales tax in Alaska?

Alaska is among few American states that do not impose a general sales tax. It is good to know that cities in Alaska can enforce and collect their own sales tax, but not exceeding 7%. This means that goods and services offered for selling purposes in Alaska benefit from a tax relief and that there is no general sales tax imposed. Foreigners who want to set up a company in USA can benefit from complete services offered by our team of advisors in USA through the local offices in each state.

What is the corporate income tax in Alaska?

The corporate income tax in Alaska is imposed for companies with establishments in this American state and it is calculated in accordance with the taxable income. The following table shows how the corporate income tax is imposed in Alaska:
Taxable Income Tax Rate Additional Fee
< $25,000  0% $0
from $25,000 to $48,999 2% $0
from $49,000 to $73,999 3% $480
from $74,000 to $98,999 4% $1,230
from $99,000 to $123,999  5% $ 2,230
from $124,000 to $147,999 6% $3,480
from $148,000 to $172,999 7% $4,920
from $173,000 to $197,999 8% $6,670
from $198,000 to $221,999 9% $8,670
$222, 000 or more   9,4% $10,830

If you want to start a business in USA, including Alaska, we invite you to address your questions to our team of company incorporation agents in USA. Also, you can read the general guide to company incorporation in Alaska and explore the main features of the formation process for each American state.

Is there an individual income tax in Alaska?

No, Alaska does not impose an income tax for personal revenues. Alaska is among the states which are not subject to personal income taxes.

The property tax in Alaska

Alaska offers varied benefits from a taxation point of view, but there are also taxes to consider when having a business in this state. For example, the property tax in Alaska which sums up approximately $3,198/year or 1,19% rate. We invite you to talk to one of our specialists for company formation in USA at any time for more details.

Other taxes in Alaska you need to consider

The state of Alaska does not impose an inheritance tax. Please bear in mind that this state imposes taxes for alcohol, cigarette and gas. You can also consult the Alaska Department of Revenue for tax forms and related details, through the official website. 

We invite you to get in touch with our team of company incorporation specialists in USA and ask us about the tax regime in Alaska or about how you can open a company in USA.