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Updated on Tuesday 13th October 2020

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New York is a great business destination that attracts a large number of international investors on a yearly basis. A startup in NY can be registered by any kind of investor who wants to develop the business idea and to make profits in one of the largest and most appreciated markets in the world. The formalities of a startup in New York can be handled entirely by one of our company formation agents in USA.

What is the best business structure for startups in NY?

The limited liability company is the proper business structure for startups in NY. There are specific steps to consider for opening a startup in NY and mostly refer to the registration. Here is what you need to know:
  1. The business idea needs to be chosen in the first place.
  2. One must open a bank account linked to the startup in NY.
  3. The business name, product development, sales & marketing must be comprised of a business plan. Our specialists can help you from the start.
  4. The registration of the LLC starts with the New York Secretary of State.
  5. The Articles of Association are the main documents of the firm. These must comprise all the details about the formation of the company, owners, business address, etc.
  6. The registration for taxation in New York is mandatory.
There are other important steps involved in the registration of a startup in New York, and one of our specialists in company formation in USA can offer complete support.

An operating agreement for my startup in NY

There is no obligation for having an operating agreement for a startup in NY, yet, it is recommended to create such an internal document. The voting rights, the duties of each forming member are stipulated by an operational agreement. Alongside the Articles of Association, the operating agreement is then published in two local newspapers in New York. It is highly important to respect the business conditions and requirements in USA, so for a better understanding of all the rules, feel free to discuss with our company formation agents in USA.

The EIN in New York

The EIN is the Employer Identification Number or the tax code (tax ID number) of companies in USA. Such a number is issued by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), the financial institution that oversees all the companies registered in USA, from a financial point of view. Those intending to sell goods and services in New York through their startups must register for New York Sales Tax. You can solicit the support of our experts.

Do I need special licenses and permits for my startup in NY?

One must respect the local and federal rules regarding how the business is done. This means that most businesses need licenses and permits. For example, if you intend to open a restaurant or a coffee shop, it is important to obtain a health permit. Building permits are required for construction startups in NY.

Other things to consider for a startup in New York

Once the startup in NY is registered, one should consider the services of an insurance company. Newly-formed businesses might seem vulnerable in the first place, therefore, an insurance policy is required. A general liability policy is normally addressed to small businesses in USA. Our team can help you at any time. Plus, there are other things to consider for your startup in NY:
  1. The services of a team of accountants are required.
  2. Providing high-quality services is important and defines your brand. You can develop your business around this idea.
  3. Consider creating a website for your startup in NY, in order to attract customers as much as possible.
  4. Do not forget the social media platforms that can help you develop your startup in NY.
One of our company formation representatives in USA can provide you with complete assistance.

Short facts about startups in NY

The American startup visa can be easily obtained by foreigners interested in businesses in USA. In terms of numbers, New York is placed second among startup ecosystems in the world, valued at approximately USD 71 billion. Here are some other facts and figures about the economy and business in USA:
  • Around USD 4.46 trillion was the total FDI for USA in 2019, according to the information provided by
  • Wholesale trade, financial and insurance, and manufacturing are sectors that received most of the FDIs in USA last year.
  • Around USD 2,871 billion represented the total FDI stock that came from Europe to USA in 2019.
  • Approximately 40% of the total FDI in USA was directed to the manufacturing sector.
If you would like to know more about how to open a startup in NY, we kindly invite you to talk to one of our company formation agents in USA and solicit complete assistance. Contact us soon.