General Guide to Company Incorporation in Ohio

Updated on Monday 02nd April 2018

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Ohio is the Buckeye State in USA and the 7th most populous American state. The great geographic location of Ohio that has connections with the Midwest and Northeast states permitted the development of the railway and highway structures for business traffic and many more. We have prepared a general guide to company incorporation in Ohio which can be a starting point for investors from abroad and also for nationals. Our company formation agents in USA are at your disposal with information in this sense and also complete support.

Opening an LLC in Ohio

Ohio is open for business and the most popular structure for both locals and foreigners is the limited liability company which has an easy incorporation process. The registration process of an LLC in Ohio starts with the Business Division and the Secretary of the State of Ohio. The main documents for incorporation are the Articles of Association which comprise in-depth details about the owner, the structure of the business, the activities, the board of directors, the business address and the registered agent. It is good to know that a company or a natural person can represent your new business in Ohio, only if the main condition is respected and that is to have the residency in this state. Please keep in mind that our company incorporation specialists in USA can represent your company in Ohio, but for a proper understanding of the conditions in this sense, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Prepare an operating agreement for the company in Ohio

An operating agreement is a legal and internal document which is not imposed at the time of company registration in USA, but it is highly recommended. This document sets out the responsibilities in the firm, and particularly the duties of the owners and of the board of directors, the voting rights, the financial and working affairs and information about the dissolution methods of the company. The operating agreement for an LLC in Ohio can be created with complete support from our company formation representatives in USA. We also mention that opening a company in USA can be supervised by our team, regardless of the chosen state for business.

EIN for companies in Ohio

When starting a company in USA, and especially in Ohio, one must observe the tax rules and conditions in this state. The Employer Identification Number or the EIN is the federal tax ID linked to any form of business in Ohio and shows that the company is a taxpayer in USA. The Internal Revenue Service issues the EIN for companies in Ohio through the local offices. Please bear in mind the documents requirements and the fees imposed for EIN application in Ohio.

Taxes in Ohio

The general sales tax in Ohio is set at 5.75% and municipalities do not impose additional sales taxes. Please observe the rental tax, the lodgings tax and the income tax that ranges between 0.5% and 4.9%. If you want to align with the tax requirements in Ohio, please consider hiring an accounting firm for your company. This can also deal with payroll, bookkeeping, the annual financial statements and audits for companies in Ohio

Set up a business bank account

If you want to start a business in USA, including Ohio, a bank account is necessary for future financial payments of the company. Foreign investors can choose the local banks or the subsidiaries established in Ohio. The financial institutions ask for the company’s documents and the EIN when setting up the business bank account. For more information in this sense, please talk to our advisors.

Licenses and permits in Ohio

If you want to set up a restaurant, a construction company, a real estate business or you have activities in the gambling sector, please observe the licenses and permits necessary at the time of company registration in Ohio. The Chamber of Commerce, through the local offices in Ohio, is in charge of special licenses and permits for companies in this state.

Economy overview for Ohio

The small and medium entrepreneurship is highly sustained in Ohio, and business persons can enjoy a prolific environment where they can easily establish their operations. The economy of Ohio is based on the well-developed manufacturing sector, but also on the stable financial sector and the related activities. Ohio is known as a leader in the green economy in USA as it has numerous activities in the bioscience field. Ohio’s capital is Columbus, a representative city in the business climate of the American state. Investors can also open companies in cities like Cincinnati, Cleveland, Youngstown, Dayton or Findlay and can benefit from the generous environment in terms of business.

Please feel free to contact our team of company formation specialists in USA of you want to set up a company in Ohio.