General Guide to Company Incorporation in New Hampshire

Updated on Thursday 08th March 2018

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New Hampshire or the “Granite State” is extremely attractive from a taxation point of view, as there is no broad sales tax or an income tax imposed. On the other hand, the flourishing economy of the state of New Hampshire appeals foreigners and raise the confidence in the investment field. We have prepared a general guide to company incorporation in New Hampshire which may represent a starting point for investors from abroad. You may also address your inquiries to our team of company incorporation specialists in USA.

How to form an LLC in New Hampshire

If you want to start a business in USA and particularly in New Hampshire, it is suggested to observe and analyze the entities available on the market. The appealing business market offers numerous possibilities in this state, but the proper and most popular company structure is the limited liability company in USA, including New Hampshire. The company incorporation starts with the Business Division of the Secretary of the State of New Hampshire and the preparation of the Articles of Association. These are the company’s most important and relevant documents which contain complete information about the owners, the activities, the business address, and the registered agent who must have residency in New Hampshire or which can be represented by a company with establishments in this state. Your LLC in New Hampshire can be registered with complete support offered by our team of advisors.

Applying for EIN in New Hampshire

The Employer Identification Number is mandatory for each company with activities in New Hampshire and it represents the federal tax ID or the social security number necessary for tax purposes in USA. The EIN is issued by the Internal Revenue Service through the local offices, as soon as the company’s documents have been accepted.

Taxes in New Hampshire

As mentioned earlier, the tax structure in New Hampshire is favorable and attractive for foreign investors willing to create companies and to benefit from the respected business environment. It is good to know that there is no sales tax in the state of New Hampshire and no income tax on salaries. On the other hand, there is a 5% tax rate imposed on dividends and interests. Even though there are tax reliefs in New Hampshire, it is best to analyze the levies imposed on companies before registering a company in USA

A business bank account for your company in New Hampshire

As soon as you have decided for company formation in New Hampshire, it is recommended to separate the company’s assets from the personal ones. An entrepreneur can open a bank account in New Hampshire and fulfill the requirements in this sense. We mention that the EIN must be provided to the chosen financial institution in order to open the business bank account.

Employment in New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire has a skilled workforce on the market which is preferred by many foreign investors who are searching for experienced people to fill the jobs in their companies. In this matter, entrepreneurs can solicit the services of recruitment agencies in USA, including New Hampshire, and then can implement a human resource department.

A website for companies in New Hampshire

If you want to start a company in USA, including New Hampshire, it is highly recommended to consider the online marketing channels and methods through which you can promote your business. A website in this sense can be the proper option for your company in New Hampshire because you can present your products and services in a professional manner. 

Economy overview about New Hampshire

The economy of New Hampshire is the seventh in USA due to recent developments of industries like textile, agriculture, manufacturing, energy, IT and many more. The massive industrialization started at the time when New Hampshire was a British colony. The exits to the Atlantic Ocean offer a multitude of trading activities between New Hampshire and other continents.

Foreign investors can set up companies in New Hampshire and can benefit from complete support offered by our USA team of company formation agents. Please feel free to contact us soon.