General Guide to Company Incorporation in Kansas

Updated on Monday 22nd January 2018

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Kansas is the sunflower state in USA and has a population of about 3 million people. This is the 34th recognized state of the United States and an extremely representative destination from an economic point of view, where the agriculture plays a major role. We have prepared a general guide to company incorporation in Kansas for investors deciding to set up a business in USA. Also, our specialists in company formation in USA can assist investors throughout the registration process of the business in each American state.

Opening an LLC in Kansas

Just like in most other states, the limited liability company is a suitable business entity which is recommended for a wide range of activities in the USA. The same thing is available for Kansas and the filing requirements are simple. The registration procedure starts with drafting the Articles of Association to the Business Division of the Secretary of State of Kansas. This represents an important document which comprises details about the ownership, the board of directors, the name of the business, the activities and information about the registered agent for a company in Kansas.

Why is a registered agent for a Kansas company mandatory?

Among the significant requirements linked to company formation in USA, we mention the importance of the registered agent. This can be an individual or another company which will act on behalf of your business, considering that the business address must be in Kansas where you register the operations. A registered agent in Kansas will represent your business from a legal point of view. We remind entrepreneurs that our USA company formation agents are at your disposal if you need a registered agent for your business in Kansas.

Register for tax purposes

The Federal Employer Identification Number or the Federal EIN is a mandatory request at incorporation. According to the type of activities you wish to perform in Kansas, the taxes imposed will be in accordance. We remind that the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) issues the EIN in USA, including for companies in Kansas through the Kansas Department Revenue. For this state, the sales tax is set at 6% and the income tax ranges between 2.7% and 4.6%. If you need help in taxation matters for your company, we recommend you hire an accounting firm in Kansas. You can solicit such services from our team of advisors if you decide to start a company in USA.

Employment in Kansas

Companies interested in hiring staff can do so with the help of recruitment agencies in Kansas. As for the conditions imposed on employers in this state, we mention that it is mandatory to apply for social security taxes, federal unemployment tax and income withholding tax. The Federal Contributions Act imposes a certain set of rules in the employment field which needs to be respected by all entrepreneurs in Kansas at the time of company registration.

Partnerships in Kansas

Another solicited and respected business form in USA is the partnership. This might be a suitable option for small entrepreneurs in Kansas who need to consider a partnership agreement in this sense. This document provides information about the capital involved, the name of the partnership, the rights for decision, the management obligations, the liabilities related to profits and losses and the overall business rules and activities.

Economy in Kansas

Kansas is a flourishing state in USA which relies on solid economic points like agriculture, manufacturing, engineering, technology and financial sectors. Topeka is the capital of Kansas state and a major business hub open to foreign investments. Kansas City, Wichita, Manhattan, Overland Park, Salina and Lawrence are among major cities of Kansas and representative business destinations in the state. Kansas is known for its largest railway network, solid infrastructure and biggest production of beef in the USA.

Foreign investors can open companies in Kansas and enlarge their portfolios on the American territory in a fast and reliable manner. Our team of company incorporation in USA are here to guide you throughout the registration process, so please feel free to contact us.


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