General Guide to Company Incorporation in Florida

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” and it is the third most populated among states in the USA. The business-friendly environment of Florida permitted companies worldwide to connect and develop in major industries, due to the varied and reliable benefits and policies offered by the government. Florida aligns with the global powers that offer favorable tax regimes and a stable business climate which attract investors on a daily basis. In order to understand the requirements of how companies can be registered, we invite you to read the general guide to company incorporation in Florida. We also mention that our company formation agents in USA are at your disposal with complete support in matters of business registration in Florida.

How to establish an LLC in Florida

Limited liability companies are popular business entities which suit most of the activities an entrepreneur wants to establish in Florida. The advantage of such entity is that there is no need for board meetings. The Articles of Association must comprise the name of the company, the business address, the names and the signatures of the owners and managers, the date of incorporation and also the purpose of the business. One should consider that a $125 fee is mandatory for the incorporation. Also, your company in Florida cannot activate on the market without a registered agent which can be either a natural person, who is in charge of the company’s documents, or another business entity domiciled in Florida. Please consider that our company formation representatives in USA may represent your company and can act as a registered agent.

Other types of business forms in Florida

Besides the limited liability company in Florida, an entrepreneur can discover also the benefits of other types of entities like the S Corporation which can have even 100 shareholders, without being subject to corporate taxes, the C Corporation which has about the same attributes as the one mentioned above with the difference that there is no limit regarding the owners, but subject to taxes on revenues, and the sole proprietorship for which there is no need to file the documents of incorporation.

Taxes for companies in Florida

Companies in Florida are subject to a sales tax of 6% which is imposed on sales or rental of products; the medical equipment and a particular type of foods are exempt.  Even though not all companies are required to pay the corporate tax, the C Corporation is subject to a 5.5% rate on profits. As a reminder, sole proprietorships and S Corporation are not obliged to pay income taxes, an important reason why entrepreneurs decide to do business in Florida.

Workforce in Florida

The private and public sectors in Florida are in a solid collaboration with the purpose of improving the workforce in Florida. The labor market comprises skilled workers speaking two or three languages and furthermore, future employees have the possibility of attending to courses of specialization and training sessions at different recognized centers. If you want to open a company in USA, and especially in Florida, you can rely on the highly skilled workforce which can be met in various industries.

Promoting your company in Florida on the internet

Establishing a business in a competitive market like Florida should solicit complete attention in matters of promoting the company. A website is recommended for each type of business, whether small or large, in order to present the company’s products and services. Social media is also a solid marketing tool which met a significant expansion in the past few years, as businesses can easily gain awareness. There are numerous web design firms which can structure your business online.

Virtual office services for your firm in Florida

Opening a company in USA, and principally in Florida may have or may not have a traditional business office. One can launch the activities in the state by using the services of a virtual office which can be offered on request by our company formation representatives in USA. Mail and correspondence, call forwarding, a local phone number, a noteworthy business address in Florida, and company information for future partners or collaborators are only a few of the services related to the virtual office in Florida.

Why should you open a business in Florida?

The tourism is the engine that sustains Florida and represents an important source of income in the state. For example, more than 50 million tourists visit each year the famous Walt Disney World Resort. Tallahassee (the capital of the state), Miami, Pensacola, West Palm Beach, Naples, Daytona, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami Beach are only a few of the well-known cities of Florida. Besides tourism, the aviation sector, the agriculture, the international trade, the financial sector, and the science field are also major domains with full potential and lots of opportunities for investors worldwide.

If you are an entrepreneur from overseas who wants to benefit from the possibilities in Florida and to start a company in USA, we suggest you to contact our specialists in company incorporation in USA.



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