General Guide to Company Incorporation in Alaska

Updated on Thursday 16th November 2017

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With a stable economy and a respectable business environment, Alaska is one of the destinations chosen for doing business by local and foreign entrepreneurs. The Alaska Division of Corporations is the entity in charge with registering the companies in the state. The incorporation process is not complicated and can be supervised by our team of specialists in company formation in USA. We have also prepared a general guide to company incorporation in Alaska which can help young or experienced entrepreneurs to open a business in USA, in Alaska.

Minimum share capital for an LLC in Alaska

One of the most appreciated and used business forms in Alaska is the limited liability company which can be set up without having to provide a minimum share capital. One should only consider the applicable fees for incorporation.

Main steps in opening a company in Alaska

An LLC in Alaska can be incorporated once a registered agent is appointed. The original signatures of the owners are not required, but the name and the address of the members should be mentioned in the company’s documents. Furthermore, the company must be registered with the tax authorities in Alaska

Taxation for companies in Alaska

In Alaska, there is no VAT, no sales tax and no income tax which makes the state a favorable destination for businesses from this point of view. Please consider that municipalities in Alaska have their own tax system and even local sales taxes in some cases. As for the corporate tax, this is imposed in accordance with the amount of income. If you want to start a business in USA, you should take into consideration whether certain taxes apply or not in varied states.

Setting up a bank account in Alaska

Companies in Alaska must open bank accounts for financial transaction purposes. The chosen bank in Alaska can offer a wide range of services destined to aligns with the firms’ necessities, for example, internet banking and the possibility of adding multiple currencies. Branches in Alaska are not imposed to open bank accounts, as such entities may operate through the financial institutions and bank accounts in the home country.

Employees for a company in Alaska

If your company activates in the healthcare system, education, maritime, engineering, research, oil & gas or mining, you can rely on the skilled workforce in Alaska and benefit from a reliable labor market in the state. Your human resource department is in charge with searching for staff and potential candidates by using varied online platforms of recruitment companies. We remind that the USA company formation must regard all aspects, starting with the incorporation and ending with hiring employees. 

Minimum wage in Alaska

In Alaska, the minimum wage per week is set at $392 as established this year in January. This represents earnings of about $20,384 per year considering that there are no income taxes in Alaska. Skilled employees in companies in Alaska are subject to different incomes which can be settled when a contract is signed.

Setting up a website for a business in Alaska

Making a suitable presence on the market in Alaska and on the American territory for your business can be done with the help of a website through which you can display your products and services. Additionally, you can also set up an Amazon shop and gain customers worldwide.

Virtual office for a company in Alaska

A business in Alaska can also activate in the chosen field without having to relocate to the state and set up a traditional office. You can choose the services of a virtual office which stands at your disposal with the help of our local company formation representatives in Alaska. A notable business address, mailing and correspondence, a local phone number are among services offered by a virtual office in Alaska.

The benefits of opening a company in Alaska

With varied tax advantages in Alaska, a strong economy and a stable and varied market, one can select Alaska for doing business. The incorporation process in Alaska is simple and can be done with complete assistance from our advisors. Moreover, the authorities in Alaska put the accent on the health of the fiscal sector and supports investments and entrepreneurs with varied and attractive incentives.

If you want to set up a company in USA and particularly in Alaska, you may contact our team of company formation specialists in USA for complete assistance and support.


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