Open a Bank Account for an LLC in Delaware

Updated on Wednesday 01st February 2023

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International entrepreneurs with LLCs in Delaware must have a US bank account for financial operations. This is one of the important requirements linked to a business in this state. We present you the main aspects and conditions for opening a bank account in Delaware in 2021, mentioning that our USA company formation agents can offer assistance and support right from the start.

How to set up a bank account for Delaware LLCs in 2021

Foreign investors interested in starting an LLC in Delaware need to pay attention to the formalities implicated in the process. One of these refers to a bank account linked to the business. This is how payment is received for your products and/or services offered by your Delaware LLC. Each bank in USA has its own set of policies regarding accounts and related services. However, one must choose the type of financial institution to work with, in accordance with the business needs. As such, we present you the main conditions of opening a bank account for a Delaware LLC:
  • The representative agent of the LLC in Delaware must provide personal identification documents, plus the ones of the business owners. He or she will act with a power of attorney.
  • A copy of the Certificate of Formation, plus the Operating Agreement (if any) are important documents solicited by the bank.
  • A banking resolution with the corporate seal and the EIN (Employer Identification Number) are also documents wanted by the bank account application.
  • Some banks might ask for a Certificate of Authority or a Foreign Qualification.
These are a few of the most important documents for opening a bank account in Delaware, respecting the formalities for 2021. One should note that a copy of the Certificate of Good Standing might be solicited, however, if the Delaware LLC is recently formed, this document is not needed. Please feel free to discuss with our company formation agents in USA and see how they can help you open a bank account for a Delaware LLC.

Do I need to come to USA for opening a bank account in Delaware?

Yes, foreigners will have to visit the state for opening a bank account for a Delaware LLC, as most banks require so. However, you can appoint a representative agent with a power of attorney for opening a bank account, so the formalities should be quite simple. Moreover, we remind you that our specialists in company formation in USA can represent your business and open a bank account for your LLC in Delaware. Further details on this topic can be received from our representatives.

Opening a company in USA involves a series of formalities, among which the drafting of Articles of Association, some of the most important. These can be drafted by our local agents, taking into account the legislation in force. At the same time, a company must be registered for the payment of taxes, and this task also comes to the attention of our specialists.

Do I need to open a bank account in Delaware if the business is registered here?

No, there is no obligation for opening a bank account in Delaware if the LLC is registered in this state. Business owners can set up a bank account in the state they have operations which might not be Delaware. This is a great advantage for business owners in USA.

Choosing the right bank for your Delaware LLC

If you have doubts regarding the type of bank you need for your Delaware LLC, we suggest you make some verifications and then choose in accordance with the business needs and requirements. As such, international clients can choose an American bank with branches in the country of origin. Also, if you discover that a financial institution from your home country has a branch in USA, this can be a great option for your business in Delaware. You can talk to our specialists and see how they can help you with the formalities of opening a USA bank account in 2021.

Choosing our specialists in USA – Benefits included

Working with our company formation specialists in USA is beneficial for international clients who wish to start a business in one of the American states in 2021. The legislation related to business formation might seem complex for overseas investors, so the help of an expert in the field is required. Our agents are at the disposal of foreigners interested in business registration, working in complete professionalism, efficiency, and confidence throughout the entire collaboration.
We also present you some statistical facts that highlight the business and economy of USA:
  1. USA remains one of the suitable destinations that offers a great business environment. This is highlighted by the 2020 Doing Business report that ranked USA 6th out of 190 worldwide economies.
  2. More than USD 9,465 billion was the total FDI registered by USA in 2019.
  3. The manufacturing sector is the one that attracts the most FDIs in USA. More than 40% of the total investments made in USA in 2018 were absorbed by this sector.
Interested in opening a bank account for a Delaware LLC in 2021? We invite you to contact our specialists in company formation in USA and discuss further details.