Taxation in Oregon

Taxation in Oregon image December 2, 2018

A business in Oregon is subject to the corporate income tax which is also known as the corporate excise tax. This is applicable to traditional businesses in Oregon.

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Taxation in Oklahoma

Taxation in Oklahoma image December 2, 2018

The corporate franchise tax and the corporation business tax are among the important taxes a company needs to pay in Oklahoma. It is important to know how the business is done in this state, in order to align with the tax requirements.

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Taxation in Ohio

Taxation in Ohio image November 23, 2018

The Commercial Activity Tax or CAT as it is known is available for most of the companies with activities in the state of Ohio. This is the most important tax a company needs to pay in Ohio for the privilege of doing business.

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Taxation in North Dakota

Taxation in North Dakota image November 23, 2018

The progressive income tax in North Dakota is one of the lowest in the USA, being in the attention of foreign entrepreneurs looking to discover the business conditions in this state before anything else.

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Taxation in North Carolina

Taxation in North Carolina image November 15, 2018

The corporate income tax in North Carolina is set at a flat rate of 3% and the good news for business owners in this state is that starting from January 2019, the tax will be established at 2.5% rate.

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Taxation in New York

Taxation in New York image November 15, 2018

Limited liability companies and partnerships established in New York are subject to the filing fee calculated on the New York source income for the preceding tax year.

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Taxation in New Mexico

Taxation in New Mexico image November 12, 2018

Starting a business in USA and especially in New Mexico is subject to particular taxes like the corporate income tax and the franchise tax which applies to C or S corporations.

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Taxation in New Jersey

Taxation in New Jersey image November 12, 2018

For a business in the state of New Jersey, foreigners should pay attention to the taxes which need to be paid. It is good to know that there is no privilege or franchise tax imposed on businesses in New Jersey.

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Taxation in Nebraska

Taxation in Nebraska image October 20, 2018

Companies in Nebraska are subject to the corporate and the franchise income tax, plus several requirements in terms of taxation which can be entirely explained by our team of company formation agents in USA.

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Taxation in New Hampshire

Taxation in New Hampshire image October 16, 2018

New Hampshire is among the American states where there is no sales tax and no personal income tax, making it attractive to foreigners looking to establish their activities in this part of USA.

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