Accounting in USA

Accounting in USA image September 22, 2022

Our accounting firm in the USA specializes in the accounting of any type of business existing in this country and can offer complete services to company owners.

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Types of Companies in USA

Types of Companies in USA image July 28, 2022

The most popular business structure in the USA is the limited liability company, preferred by many local and international investors. However, there are other US company types that can be used for settling the activities in any American state.

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Open a Startup in USA

Open a Startup in USA image July 21, 2022

Startups in USA are among the preferred options for foreign entrepreneurs who want to enter a stable and growing market to make a profit. Every American state has certain registration rules for startup companies in USA.

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Open a Company in USA as a Foreigner

Open a Company in USA as a Foreigner image March 9, 2022

Setting up a company in the USA by a foreigner is a relatively simple process, which can be explained and supervised by our company fotmation agents in the USA.

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Shelf Company in USA

Shelf Company in USA image February 20, 2022

US shelf company can be purchased by foreigners who want a quick start on the market. This way you no longer have to go through the formalities of registering a company. Shelf company can be purchased as soon as personal data is provided.

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Holding Company in USA

Holding Company in USA image February 8, 2022

A holding company is usually created to control the shares of several companies called subsidiaries. The optimal structure for US holding is LLC, but there are cases where a corporation is a right solution.

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Open a Bank Account in USA

Open a Bank Account in USA image November 13, 2021

Foreign residents wishing to open a bank account in the USA must comply with certain formalities imposed by banks. While some allow you to open an online bank account as a non-resident, other banks are stricter and prefer the physical presence.

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Obtain a Business License in Arizona

Obtain a Business License in Arizona image August 6, 2021

Arizona is the number one state for entrepreneurial activities in the USA due to its extremely advantageous business conditions and more. When it comes to licensing a business in Arizona, it is important to know that not all activities require such a permit.

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Set up an LLC in Arizona

Set up an LLC in Arizona image July 1, 2021

An LLC in Arizona can be easily registered by local entrepreneurs or foreign investors in this state. Helped by one of our company formation specialists in USA, one can start a business in Arizona in a fast and reliable manner.

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Start a Business in New York

Start a Business in New York image June 21, 2021

New York is a huge business destination for local and overseas entrepreneurs looking for profits. Starting a business in NYC is free from bureaucracies, allowing investors to enjoy a fast start and concentrate on their economic activities.

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